The System
Since launching the magnIQ system in 2006 the response has been quite phenomenal. To date the system has won 13 prestigious awards and is now internationally recognised justifying the many years Rare Basic spent on research and development.

Embraced by many of Europe’s major retailers our retail shelving and display systems are fast becoming the obvious choice for in store design and layout. However, with magnIQ’s limitless applications the system has recently been installed into banks and a university demonstrating the versatility and practicality of magnIQ.

magnIQ is based on metal panels available in a range of finishes which can be painted, covered with graphics, fabric or wallpaper. Components are bonded with specially configured high powered weight-bearing magnets which explain the incredible load bearing capabilities of the separate components.

Since last year vast amounts of new components have been developed and the display solutions range now includes multi-use fixtures with applications for almost every commercial, retail and domestic market sector; from hotels and offices, to art galleries and museums. Constantly developing the magnIQ system, the brains behind Rare Basic have added several new elements including double-sided metal panels mounted on wheels, new weight bearing shelf designs, tiling systems and shopfits.

Components can be re-arranged or changed instantly and infinitely without drills, screws or hammers leaving no damage to the wall surface. You can move or add pictures and shelving around at will, change your mind and re-position.

Contact us now for further information on our display solutions.
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